"SILVER LEAF" Natural Greek Mountain Honey (Coniferous)
We introduce to you our exceptional "Greek Mountain" Honey (Coniferous).
This quality honey comes from coniferous trees. Greece's beautiful country shape, mediterrean climate and unique flora, has created a highly developed apiculture. This long-lasting tradition has produced the best honeys of the world!!
Our unique honey is non-pasteurized and cold manufactured and free of chemicals.

"SILVER LEAF" OrganicTahini
Our "Tahini" is a non-pasteurized sesame paste that is ground out of 'whole corn" in a traditional stone mill.  It has a source of healthy fat that is rich in Omega 3, iron, calcium, protein magnesium and is cholesterol free.

"SILVER LEAF" Natural Greek Thymian Honey
We introduce to you our authentic "Thyme" Honey.
The beautiful warm Greek sun, the low mountains of South Peloponisos, is covered with beautiful thyme.  Greece's long sun periods, landscape, unique rich flora and the endless care of the bee-keepers, contribute to the "highest quality of this honey well known all over the world" making "thyme" honey the far best in the world!
Our unique honey is non-pasteurized and cold manufactured that do not contain any chemicals.

"SILVER LEAF" Organic Dried Figs
We present our "delicious", naturally organic sun-dried Figs.  These figs are sodium free, cholesterol free and fat free with no added preservatives.  This snack is high in fibre, iron and calcium, making it a perfect part of your healthy diet.
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