“Silver Leaf” Greek Organic Herb Olive Oil

Silver Leaf Organic Herb Olive Oil

“Silver Leaf” Greek Organic Herb Olive Oil

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes exclusive from the eastside of the Taygetos Mountain, where the climate and the sort, Add to dictionary and Koroneiki offer the best combination for an exceptional flavour. Further the organic cultivation methods and the quality and purity of the added herbs account for its

We have beautifully placed in this Silver Leaf Organic Olive Oil organic herbs:

Garlic, Rosemary, Laurel and Oregano Leaf

This Delicious Herb Olive Oil, tastes great drizzled over your salads, vegetables, rice, potatoes and much more.

First Pressed, Cold Pressed

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Very Low Acidity .01%

Very Smooth Flavour distinguish flavour.





Greek Agriculture



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