“Silver Leaf” Organic Olive Oil 4L


“Silver Leaf” Organic Olive Oil 4L


Silver Leaf Organic Olive Oil

This olive oil comes exclusively from the eastside of the Taygetos Mountain, where the climate and the type (Koroneiki and Athinolia) offers the best combination for an exceptional flavour. There the cultivation of olive trees is rooted in the tradition of the people and the olive trees are centuries old. The organic cultivation methods and the type of olives account for this quality. The olives are mostly handpicked and taken to the oil factory within 2-3 days to be pressed. During the pressing, we take care that the temperature does not rise above 30° C so vitamins and essential oils that give the oil such distinct taste and aroma are not destroyed. With a very low average acidity our oil deserves the classification “extra virgin”.





Greek Agriculture

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