“Silver Leaf” Organic Olive Pastes

Silver Leaf Organic Olive Paste

“Silver Leaf” Organic Olive Pastes

Delicious Olives Paste available with Green Olive and Kalamon Olives.

Kalamata Olive Paste

This olive paste is made from the best Kalamon olives and the finest ingredients giving them their excellent taste. Each olive is selected carefully, and then cut with a special method, so that the olive is not squeezed during the process. The aroma and taste of the olive is preserved beautifully. The combination of a special Organic balsamic vinegar, Fresh Garlic and Oregano from Mt. Taygetos are what add quality and taste to your pallet. This delicious, deep Kalamon Aroma is great as a spread, dip, or addition to your dishes.

Green Olive Paste

Our Green olive paste is made out of our Chalkidiki Olives. They are handpicked, selected carefully and then cut with a special method, preserving the aroma and  taste of the olives. The beautiful Herbs in our tapenade (Organic balsamic vinegar, Fresh Garlic and Oregano) are organically grown on Mt. Taygetos. The Green olive paste has a fresh light bitterness and a slight sweet taste adding burst of flavours to your dishes.


Certified Organic Products of Sparta, Greece

No artificial Flavours

Pesticide and Herbicide Free


GMO Free




Greek Agriculture




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