Silver Leaf Organic Olives in Olive Oil

Silver Leaf Organic Olives

Silver Leaf Organic Olives in Olive Oil

Organic Green and Kalamata Olives available in both Pitted and Non-Pitted Packaged in beautiful Organic Olive Oil

Kalamon Olives

Our Kalamon olives come from the region of Sparta, which lies between the two Mountains Mt. Taygetos and Mt. Parnonas. There the Kalamon olive is cropped in the winter time, fully ripe, handpicked and then stored in water so it loses its bitterness by the old and time-consuming way. The Kalamon olive has a characteristic deep purple colour and is almond-shaped, has a soft pulp and a mild aroma, with a rich and fruity flavour.


Green Olives

Our Green olives (Chalkidikis olive) come from the Northern regions of Greece. They are cropped early in the winter time, one by one, washed and then stored in water like the Kalama olives. The green olive has a stronger pulp than the Kalamon olive. Its flavour is more bitter and less sweet than that of the Kalamon olive but still very fruity and with a rich aromatic pulp.

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